Photo Album of James' visit
June 7th - June 20th, 2000.


Day 1 - June 7th Wednesday


James arrived in Dortmund. We didn't take the camera but we dragged James around downtown.


Day 2 - June 8th Thursday


James spent the day sleeping.


Day 3 - June 9th Friday


We made Enchiladas!


Day 4 - June 10th Saturday


We picked up a rental car today and spent the day online trying to make hotel reservations in Paris.


Day 5 - June 11th Sunday


This is the day we went to the Münsterland


Day 6 - June 12th Monday

eifel tower

We arrived in Paris.

arc de triomphe

Day 7 - June 13th Tuesday


We visited the catacombs in Paris.


Day 8 - June 14th Wednesday


We went to Versailles.

mona lisa

Day 9 - June 15th Thursday


We were at the Louvre.


Day 10 - June 16th Friday


We went to Monet's Garden in Giverney.


Day 11 - June 17th Saturday


We spent the day downtown in Dortmund.


Day 12 - June 18th Sunday


We went to Marburg


Day 13 - June 19th Monday


We went to Köln


Day 14 - June 20th Tuesday


We took James back to the airport.


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