'Spot the Womble' or 'Our day at Wimbledon Common'

A picture journey 

     My husband and I moved to England at the end of July, 1998.  We will be in England for one year and this should give us plenty of opportunity for hunting down Womble books and such at bookstores and car boot sales.  However, the first priority was to see if we could spot any real Wombles in Wimbledon Common.
     On the 15th of August we set out on our quest.  We arrived in Wimbledon via the London metro. 

     The high street in Wimbledon was a busy place.

Everywhere you look are beautifuly painted pub signs.
The sign at the jewelers was quite beautiful as well. 

     It became quieter as we continued up the street.  

     The war memorial marks the southern most point of the commons. 

     Near the begining of the trail was this helpful map.
     Not many places for Wombles to hide in this short grass.
    Here's my husband, Dan, posing with our toy hedgehog Fidella.  You may not see her but she's down by his feet.  She's eager to emulate the Wombles. 
She has her own little tidy bag and has found a bit of rubbish to pick up already. 
     "Uh...Fidella, that cup looks too big for your bag."
         As we continued on, we found what must be a well used Womble trail. 
     "Quick look over there! Is that a Womble behind those trees?" 
     Fidella perched herself on a fern to try to get a better look.  
     There was a hurry and a scurry but this Womble turned out to only be a naughty squirrel.  He was probably distracting us so that Wellington could slip away.
   We knew we were on the right track when we found the Womble paw print.  "What stick? I don't have anything behind my back."
      We found a bench. Orinoco must have had many a 'forty winks' here but right now Fidella's doing her Orinoco impression.  She does rather like to sleep and eat a lot. Hmm.... I wonder if they are related somehow?      We woke Fidella up and had a nice lunch.
    After walking a bit more we found the Wombles had been kind enough to leave some blackberrys for our desert. 
Everywhere the Common was in Bloom.
At last we came upon the Womble burrow but nobody seemed to be at home.


We climbed up the Tumulus, and had a look around.


 We searched amongst the trees... 

until we came upon a likely place... 
The Queens Mere.

Could it be?.
Yes it must be Tomsk out for an afternoon swim.
At the end of the day, our tidy bags were full.  I think the Wombles were proud of us, don't you?

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