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Below you can find information about the items we are currently buying at the Dragon's Nest.

If you are interested in helping out or selling to the Dragon's Nest, please read this section carefully.

When you sell an item to the shop, you are doing just that, selling to the shop.  The shop owners decide on the prices that they will resell the item for to the buyers.  Obviously this means, please do not offer items to the shop for the same price as you see us listing it for. There are only a very few items we are willing to stock at zero profit. Slow sellers need a large profit margin to make them worth taking up space on the shelves.

When you sell, you can sell several of the same item at once or sell them one at a time. If you name them the same thing and price them the same, they will end up grouped together in the waiting list.  When we approve we can not break these groups up so please adjust names or prices so that your items are not more than five in a group.

A note about royalties: You only have 6 days after your items have been approved (purchased by the shop) to collect your royalties. Please please collect your royalties! We really want you to share in the profit and it is no gift to us if you do not collect them. They will not come back to us but disappear into the ether.

When in the shop you can enter 'notifications item_approved' and you will receive a mudmail message when we have approved any of your items.

A note on the prices listed below. Prices listed as $0 are for items where the price is usually negotiated on a case by case basis. Prices listed as 12p are items that we usually stock for free ourselves but if you are one of those warm hearted people who just are looking for ways to help Emily out this is the gift price. ie the lowest price an items can be put into the waiting list is 12p.


Name: Buying: Details:
Magic Components
Beeswax Candles (20) A$4.00
Iron Broomstick A$50.00 Special Request
Quest Items
Black and White Crystals (bagged with 3 of each) A$30.00
Black Crystal A$5.00
Diamond from Druid Quarry A$50.00
Furry Pinkfish Doll A$60.00
Healing Tea BWB over 450 A$0.00 Guideline for pricing when selling healing tea to the shop. (BWB-200)/7+10 Example: MissWitch's unstatted Brewing Bonus is 411. (411-200)/7+10=$40.14 She should sell her tea to the shop for $40.14 or less. The shop adds 10% markup for tea so the shop list price for her tea will be $44.15
White Crystal A$5.00
Rarities and T-Shop Finds
Black Leather Gloves (+2 dex -1 str) A$245.00
Bronze Helm (+3 int +2 wisdom -3 con) A$150.00
Compact A$100.00
Flat Cap (+3 wis +2 int -2 str) A$130.00
Iron Gauntlets (+2 str) A$1000.00
Jagged Sparkly Knife A$60.00
Warrior's Brain Cell (warriors: +1 int. non-warriors: +1 str -1 int) A$20.00
Woollen Cloth (removes wiz writing or blorp) A$50.00
JPCT - portal (4-pack) by YourNameHere A$12.00 A great way for young wizards to make some money. Please only sell in tiny or small packets on chapbook paper. Keep them in batches of 5 packets by changing the price by adding one pence.

See our FAQ for more selling tips.

In May 2014rw changes were made to scrolls. Putting scrolls in containers and closing the packets no longer affects the number of scrolls you can carry. I prefer to be able to see that the packet is full and no scrolls have flown away, so please leave the packets open.
12-PACK JPCT - portal by YourNameHere A$36.00 Sell 12 JPCT in large and huge packets.
TPA - shield (4 pack) by YourNameHere A$10.00 We usually only buy these when there are less than a couple in stock.
Yer Special Request
SERVICE: Fireworks A$0.00 cast Atmospheric Inscription Wonder from scroll

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