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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who owns The Dragon's Nest shop?
Who do I talk to if I need assistance in the shop?
Can you tell me how to use the Quest Items?
Do you provide a wrapping service?
Is there a way to be informed when items I sell to the shop have been approved?
Do you have tips and tools for scribing and selling scrolls to the shop?
What is the Dragon Partnership?


Question: Who owns The Dragon's Nest shop?

That would be Lady Emily von Schaf.


Question: Who do I talk to if I need assistance in the shop?

Any of the following will be happy to help you if they are online:

Emily -- Owner

Mothergoose -- Head Manager

Reckless -- Assistant Manager

Twiddle -- Helper

Booger -- Helper

Gnu -- Helper and Emergency Scrolls

Persephone -- Helper (For scribers making 12 pack JPCT packets for the Dragon's Nest, send her a tell and she will perform relief.)


If none of the above are available please send a mudmail to Emily and she will get back to you as soon as possible.


Question: Can you tell me how to use the Quest Items?

Sorry, no. We provide a service by placing all your supplies in a convenient place and saving you from the necessity of advancing some skills but we can not give any further assistance. 


Question: Do you provide a wrapping service?

Yes we do!. Bought a lovely furoshiki cloth to wrap that present but all you can get is a lumpy knot? Emily to the rescue. Just give her the gift and the cloth and she will wrap it into an elegant present for a small fee of $5. There are some size limitations on what can be wrapped.


Question: Is there a way to be informed when items I sell to the shop have been approved?

Yes. When you are in the shop type 'notifications item_approved' to toggle notifications on or off. If it is on you will be sent a mudmail message when we approve anything you have sold to the shop.  Remember you only have six days after we approve an item to collect your royalties before they vanish.

PLEASE COLLECT YOUR ROYALTIES!  As soon as we approve an item, the royalties are taken from our float and put into your royalty pool. If you do not collect your royalties, within six days of approval, the money is lost. It does -not- go back to our float. It makes us very sad to see royalties lost this way.


Question: Do you have tips and tools for scribing and selling scrolls to the shop?

Certainly! Just make a few minor changes to customize them for your own and this set of aliases will make scribing an easy task.  You can buy one of our deluded satchels of Scroll Stuff for storing your chapbooks and packets but if you do not have one just change 'Scroll Stuff' in the alias to whatever container you use to keep your packets and chapbooks. We prefer that you sell packets of four scrolls in small or tiny packets. Although scrolls no longer have to be carried in packets many customers still prefer the smaller ones. Packets of 12 JPCT should be in large or huge packets.

This first alias is in preparation for scribing four portal scrolls.

alias scprep4 draw quill;get open chapbook from Scroll Stuff;tear 4 pages from chapbook;put open chapbook in Scroll Stuff;id paper 1 as paper1;id paper 2 as paper2;id paper 3 as paper3;id paper 4 as paper4;get packet from Scroll Stuff;open it;l it

Now you have four peices of paper ready, you can hit this next alias for each one. Because the alias uses 'put scroll' not 'put paper' you will not accidentally put a blank peice of paper into the packet.

alias sc-jpct4sale scribe Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel on cheap paper with quill;put scroll in packet;scoreb;count scrolls in packet

In case you have a fail that eats your piece of paper, or a scroll flies away, here is another alias for preparing just one sheet of paper.

alias scprep1 get open chapbook from Scroll Stuff;tear page from chapbook;put chapbook in Scroll Stuff;

After the packet has four scrolls in it, you are ready to sell the packet. Because of various time delays and other variables, it is best not to alias the sales process but here are the steps:

You count four sheets of cheap writing paper with a total of four items.
sell packet

[If you already have  a list of other items you have sold recently you get an additional step. You can either choose a letter if you already have some of the same item in the waiting list, or you can 'create' a new list item.]
You are not currently selling any items.  What item name would you like to list a tiny grey waxed paper packet under?  (Blank line to quit)

List name:
JPCT - portal (4 pack) by <yourname>

You wish to sell a tiny grey waxed paper packet as 'JPCT - portal (4 pack) by <your name>' (y/n)?

How much money do you wish to sell the item 'JPCT - portal (4 pack) by <your name>' for?

[A-Z List]
Which category do you wish to put 'JPCT - portal (4 pack) by <your name>' into?

Confirming your sale of a tiny grey waxed paper packet as 'JPCT - portal (4 pack) by <your name>' in category Scrolls for A$12(y/n)?

Waiting for approval from the shop owner for the items a tiny grey waxed paper packet with the name 'JPCT - portal (4 pack) by <your name>' selling for A$12 in category Scrolls.
If the item is accepted the money will be paid into your royalty pool.

It does not matter if you sell multiple packets at a time or packets one at a time, once you have five packets of the same name and same price in the waiting list, please change the price you are selling for by a penny for the next five packets.  Just so you understand why, here is an example: If someone sells us twenty packets of 'JPCT - portal (4 pack) by Someone' for $5 (even if they had sold them one at a time) and we only have 6 slots available, we will not be able to approve any of these scrolls until we have 20 slots available.

Also if this is your first time selling to us or you are not sure if you enabled notifications previously...
> notifications item_approved
You enable notifications of type item_approved.


Question: What is the Dragon Partnership?

The Dragon Partnership of shops
includes the following shops and their owners &/or Head Managers:

Dragon's Nest on Pallant in Ankh-Morpork - Emily & MotherGoose
Needful Things on the Serpent in Bes Pelargic - Booger & Gnu

Former Shops in the affiliation:
Golden Dragon (fomerly Blorp Inc) in the southwest market of Ohulan-Cutash market - Dtrain - CLOSED
Dragon's Cairn in Lancre - Kairnath - CLOSED
Undead Dragon in Escrow - Gnu - CLOSED
Dragon's Wardrobe in Brass Neck -  Emily (Contact) - CLOSED
Dragon's Mask on Market Street in Bes Pelargic - Erika & Booger - CLOSED
Gnu's Blorps on Golden Sow in Bes Pelargic - Gnu - CLOSED
Fallstar's Folly on Filligree in Ankh-Morpork - Nienna - CLOSED
Dragon's Toy Museum and Gift Shop in Sampan southeast of Lover's Lane in Bes Pelargic - Emily - CLOSED
Dragon's Toy Museum in Thieves' Guild Basement in Ankh-Morpork - Emily - CLOSED In storage waiting for another public display location.

We are all eager to assist you in finding what you need.


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