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Currently We Sell:

Below you can find information about many of  the items we sell at the Dragon's Nest.

These prices are guidlines. Our prices do fluctuate based on the current market as well as throwing in a few surprise specials, so be sure to check the shop for discount and sale prices! 

*Prices at $0.00 usually indicate an item that is priced based on negotiation.

Furniture Sale!

We sell used furniture. Most of our furniture is priced at half off the new shop prices; Those that are not, include the shop price information.

Large furniture items are not in the store. Contact Emily, via tell or mudmail, with your requests. Delivery is negotiable.


Name: Selling: Details:
Climbing Boots (climb.tree +~23 climb.rock +~40) A$20.00
Climbing Shoes (climb.tree +~23 climb.rock +~40) A$20.00
Crampons cl.tree +8+(D+S)/2 cl.rock +25+(D+S)/2 A$20.00
Padded leather shirt (underarmor, lvl 3 enchant) A$20.00
BLORP, Gold Ring: AM - The Dragon's Nest (here!) A$10.00
BLORP, Gold Ring: Standard Locations A$15.00 Places like the Drum, OC Market, DJB Crossroads.
BLORP, Gold Ring: Hard to get to locations A$25.00 We occasionally stock blorps for hard to get to places like Genua or Bois.
BLORP, Rose Rhodonite: Standard Locations A$50.00 Rhodonite rings are much more durable than gold rings.
Crafts and Tools
Antique Silver Fountain Pen A$40.00
Custom Wallpapers A$10.00 Price listed is per sheet. You need 4 sheets to cover the four walls of your player house.
Custom Wrapping A$0.00 Why not order a custom dyed furoshiki cloth and have wrap your gift with it. Emily will continue to refold until the gift is wrapped in your chosen style. The following folds are available: Simple Bow, Billowing Bow, Double Bow, Elegant Knot, Elegant Butterfly, Dainty Rosebud The following are possible but not usually requested: Messy Fold, Untidy Knot, Neat Fold, Simple Knot
Engraver's Kit (box, tool, file, pattern book) A$30.00
INK: Selection of Colors A$5.00 We do not usually list these in the stock but keep them on the shelf and in the chests. Just 'look inks in shelf' and 'look inks in chests' to see what colors we have available. If you see an ink that you like just ask a member of staff to get it for you. You may also request a color you do not see and we will try to keep our eyes open for it.
Quilts by Emily A$0.00
Sewing Kit, Basic A$20.00 one silver needle
five spools of thread

Emily recommends having about 10-15 levels of cr.ma.needle to get started. You do not need to learn the command as it is an object command of the needle. The less damaged your item is the easier to repair so mend often when you are getting started.
hold needle
pull thread from spool
thread needle with thread
mend [item] with needle
Sewing Kit, Deluxe A$25.00 A $42 value it includes:
one sewing box,
one pair of sharp scissors,
one small silver needle,
one heavy-duty needle,
one quilting needle,
one embroidery needle,
one embroidery unpicker,
one pin cushion,
one thread spool,
one spool of strong sinew thread and
one fine cambric handkerchief.
Sewing Kit, Leather A$20.00 one heavy-duty needle
five spools of sinew
THREAD: Select Silks A$15.00 We do not usually list these in the stock but keep them on the shelf and in the chests. Just 'look spools in shelf' and 'look spools in chests' to see what colors we have available. You can also narrow the list by using 'look silk spools in shelf' etc. If you see a spool that you like just ask a member of staff to get it for you. You may also request a color you do not see and we will try to keep our eyes open for it.
Note:Cottons in common colors are usually stocked in our Basic Sewing Kit. You can however request specific colors and we will endevor to fulfill your request.
Custom Deludes A$0.00 Come check out what silliness we have delude for you today.
For the Faithful
Relic - Fish, Gap, Gufnork, Hat, Sandelfon A$10.00
Relic - Pishite/Sekkite A$15.00
For the Faithful - Rods Division
We do not usually stock charged rods in the shop. Here is a list of the charged rods we currently have in storage. (updated as of rw July 28, 2015)
Impressed 1 rit: Divine Hand (Sandelfon) (ribboned baton) A$1800.00
Impressed 1 rit: Remember Place (Sandelfon) (wooden baton) A$450.00
Impressed 1 rit: Summon Fluff (Pishe) (a ribboned baton) A$250.00
Imprinted 2 rits: Light & Divine Hand (Pishe) (white cane) A$2860.00
Imprinted 2 rits: Turn Undead & Great Stasis (Pishe) (orange cane) A$2340.00
Impstomatic (Camera) A$20.00
Healing, Potions and Witchy Bits
Blue Water in a Wearable Gourd (1 pint) A$10.00
Blue Water in a Wearable Gourd (2 pints) A$15.00
Blue Water, Bottled (1 pint) A$5.00
Blue Water, Bottled (2 pints) A$10.00
MotherGoose's Anti-Venom Elixer BWB 390+ A$60.00 Only stocked occasionally. Please request if interested.
MotherGoose's Brain Booster +1 Int BWB 390+ A$60.00 Only stocked occasionally. Please request if interested.
MotherGoose's Herbal Healing BWB 390+ A$41.00
MotherGoose's Pick Me Up (Energy/GP) BWB 390+ A$60.00 Only stocked occasionally. Please request if interested.
Idle Chasing
Fake Flower (squirts unlimited water) A$35.00 Very useful for casting spells and rituals that require a wet towel. Just squirt yourself or a friend with the flower and dry off with a towel. The Fake flower never needs refilling and can be worn.
Furoshiki Cloth (tms cr.art.design) A$20.00 Price varies depending on quality of dye and material. You can request specific colors from our ink collection and and lighter weight silk instead of cotton for an additional fee. Just contact Emily. We also provided wrapping service for a nominal fee.
Furoshiki Cloth (tms cr.art.design) discounted imperfect A$15.00
Green Obble A$10.00
Pamphlet (useful for tming languages with friends) A$5.00 Suggestion for use: Join a group of semi idlers who all want to learn the same language. Everyone switch their speaking mode to that language. Everyone grab a pamphlet and read it. Wooo spammy!
Plain Package (probe & pick xp/tms) A$30.00
Rubber Knife A$1.00
Senssu Fan (snap open/closed for pe.cu.agatean) A$50.00
Small Brass Whistle (great shepherd tunes) RARE! A$40.00 This is a very hard to get musical instrument that has such a variety of melodies you will not get tired of them. Even the least skilled musician will get enjoyment from this wind instrument.
Keys, Passes, Permits, Picks etc.
Deluxe Lockpick A$5.00
Keyring Necklace A$5.00 wearable keyring It is made of leather and appears to be a piece of jewellery. It can hold about 2 pounds or about twenty items.
Magic Components
Ash (one bucketful) A$5.00 1 bucketful = 20 handfuls = 1000 pinches
Beeswax Candles (20) A$10.00
Carrots (20 cured) A$30.00
CCC Components (4 castings) A$45.00 200 pinches white powder, 4 balls, 4 fishes
Mirror A$30.00
Ornamental Broom (lightweight for gathering ash) A$10.00
Purple Powder (1 handful) A$200.00 NB: 'get all from ' will -NOT- get more than a handful of powder type components. Always check that you got everything before returning/dropping the container.
Smelly Seeds (50) A$50.00
Newbie Things
Yellow Stone Ring (light source) A$5.00
Quest Items
Agatean Number A$10.00
Bat Guano (1 handful) A$10.00
Black Crystal A$15.00
Blood of an Innocent A$100.00
Bull Nose Ring A$25.00
Cart Wheel (Fixed) A$60.00
Climbing Gloves(cl.tr+~24 .roc+~44 .rop+~24) A$20.00
Diamond from Druid Quarry A$120.00
Fluffy Cloak A$20.00
Giant Silvery-Coloured Starfish A$20.00
Hardened Conker A$30.00
Human Hearts (50 cured) A$100.00
Iron Amulet A$60.00
Kit: Bethan's (hot water, TP, denture voucher) A$40.00
KIT: Cool (vest, v-neck, sunglasses) A$60.00
Lag's Gold Ring A$15.00
Moss (full moon gathered) A$60.00
Mr. Bunny A$10.00
Oil Can A$5.00
Paint Set (red, yellow, blue) A$120.00
Pair of Ugly Green Suspenders A$10.00
Pregnant Frog A$120.00
Purple Plectrum A$300.00
Rainbow shell A$60.00
Sapphire, Large A$120.00
Slim White Knob A$120.00
Slug Soup A$20.00
Small Green Apple (from Bad Ass, cured) A$30.00
Sparkling Ruby A$120.00
Tarnished Ring A$6.00
Tin of Polish A$25.00
White Crystal A$15.00
Zhu-Mihn Duck Egg Blue cotton thread A$60.00 For $40 more Emily will use a single thread to do your repair.
Rarities and T-Shop Finds
Black Frisbee A$20.00
Black Leather Gloves (+2 dex -1 str) A$1000.00
Bronze Helm (+3 int +2 wisdom -3 con) A$1200.00
Compact A$500.00
Cre Card Album A$850.00
Crystal Egg A$25.00
Flat Cap (+3 wis +2 int -2 str) A$1000.00
Iron Gauntlets (+2 str) A$0.00 Talk to Emily or MotherGoose to be added to the waiting list.
Sokkard's Socks (talker) A$5.00
Title Changer A$90.00
Utility Belt A$30.00
Woollen Cloth (removes wiz writing or blorp) A$75.00
CCC - coated skin (single) A$5
FTF - float (single) A$5
FNP - cloud (single) A$5
JPCT - portal (4 pack) A$19.00
12-PACK JPCT - portal A$45.00 If you can carry 12 or more please purchase them this way. It lets us stock more in the shop and you get a discount.
TPA - shield (4 pack) A$12.00
Various Other Scrolls A$8.00 The Dragon's Nest also stocks various other scrolls at our whim. Come by to see what is in stock today. Feel free to request your favorite spell.
Useful Magic Creations by Ixtlan
Permalight A$2000.00
Weapons & Scabbards
Black Silk Garter with Slender Knife A$14.00
Sheathe Boots: black soft-soled boots A$10.00
Steel Pernach (mace - Smash, Crush, Wildswing) A$100.00 The steel pernach is an excellent mace for attacking and parrying. It is easy to use, quick, and can do a high amount of damage with a nice variety of specials. This weapon can be hard to find get it now while we have it in stock.
Tiger Fang A$1000.00
Ze Home Furnishings
Antique elmwood framed mirror A$250.00
Black marble mantelpiece A$75.00
Carved mahogany shelf A$65.00 It can hold about 11 pounds or about forty items.
Cherry bookshelf A$25.00 It can hold about 66 pounds or about one hundred items.
Elegant chaise longue A$125.00
Enamelled drinks cabinet A$1000.00 Sells for 1000Rh (A$1200) in the shops. Gave this to Twiddle. If an offer is made, check with Twiddle.
Finely crafted fireplace A$2000.00 Sells for $2,250 in the shops.
Grand Wizard clock A$275.00
Leather sofa A$1000.00 Sells for $1500 in the shops.
Marquetry sideboard A$75.00
Pedestal table A$110.00
Queen Ptraci armchair A$275.00
Queen Ptraci sofa A$400.00
Relaxing fountain A$250.00
Rosewood and mother of pearl bench A$1200.00 Sells for 1354Rh 20s (A$1625) in the shops.
Rosewood and mother of pearl dining table A$1000.00 Sells for 1354Rh 20s (A$1625) in the shops.
Stylish cherry mantelpiece A$75.00
Tea table A$150.00
Wrought iron bedstead A$1000.00 Sells for $1,125 in the shops.
Wrought iron table A$275.00
Yer Special Request
Black silk carryall A$40.00

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